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HI just want to say that this truly one of the best Systems I have seen. I tried a system from a guy I won't mention his name for couple of Years. I never even get a Box. Over those two Years, I spent over &1500. Never even Get a Box. I got a Box on your system The first time I played it. I only play Boxes until I build up some Funds. Your System is great.


Hi Eric how you are doing I use the system for race horse’s trifecta box it does work when we have the Triple Crown race or Preakness If you want more detail let me know. Please send me the email for the guy from Texas Ab Nazal Yes I can Your scientific method is supreme to any system exist. I recommend highly your system but they need to stick with one like pick three only thanks Eric You are genius.

Abe Nazal

I have, he is a nice guy. He gave me a formula on what to look for and how to play the pick 3.I am studying it and am going to put it into play. And no, you are not pushy; it's great to hear that people win. I have already done so on the pick 4. I have not hit any pick 3 or 4 in the last 25 years and I have hit more in the last week than I ever could have dreamed of.
Thanks for this system, it's great,


HI Eric, I thought about that and was going to ask you about that and ten “forgot" about that. I will, if you say it's good I believe it.
By the way, last night I hit the Florida pick 3 straight using some of Steve's insight. I hit it using 6 numbers only. I have never hit it straight in my life. Boy was that fun.

Talk to you soon, Daniel

Hi Eric Larry at your screen again with good news. I play your free pick 4 system with my own #s and won the NJ lottery Midday 11-11-08. I believe you are the most honest Expert out there in lottery world. I thank you so much for your system I use it once and won i will never stop using it ever. I will be ordering the Pick 6 49 system next week when I get paid or when hit again. This has been the best connection ever thanks a million I really mean it man I hope that one day we will meet face to face.

I have sat up night after night after night looking for a lottery system I could trust. Yours is the one that out of all the ones I have tried is the best. I got a question for the formula for the pick5 lotto. What is the maximum amount #S you can use in the system. I learn a real piece of information here I deem is very true that if you cut a lottery # field in half you cut your odds of winning better. So if I had a system like yours that allows at least 18-20#s to put in a system e-mail


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