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Powerball & 6/49 Lottery

There are systems out there that will improve your chance to win on games such as the Euro Millions, 6/49 Lottery, Power ball & Pick 5 lotteries. My Systems give you a 100% guarantee that you will get a win of some kind when you find at least three drawn numbers or all 6 depending on the system you use

Ask yourself this question why do Quick Pick machines sell only random numbers? Why can’t you buy lottery numbers from a machine that gives you some form of guarantee that you will win with at least 3 numbers? Well the answer to that question is easy; if they show just one person how to win!! Thousands will win! and they are not in the busness loose money.

So use a formula that’s been used for years on the football pools in the United Kingdom that made many people very rich.
You can use these systems for life and increase your chances of winning by 86%!!
If you haven’t played the football pools; you must have heard about "Permutations" or "Wheeling" as it is known in other countries.

Permutation is the purest form Maths there is it cannot lie. You can use it to bet on greyhound racing, horse racing, football pools, the lottery, Keno, and every game of chance you can think of.
The famous any 8 numbers from 10 system used to win the foot pools that has won thousands for people across united Kingdom for years and will for years to come.

There were other systems that were used, systems such as any 8 numbers from 11 and any 8 from 12 systems like these can make people like you into millionaires. As you are aware, you had to find 8 drawn matches numbers from 49 matches to win the foot ball pools.
I hate to say this but I am one of the stupid fool's who won the pools but did not send my coupon. But I am happy to say that my story does not end there; I won the first dividend 5 times and all the lower dividends many times writing my own systems.
The problem was the 5 first dividends I won only came up to a few thousand pounds.
What the lottery companies are not telling you, they are not telling you there are ways to win many small amounts thus giving you a better chance to win the millions.

My 6/49, Power ball, Euro millions, Thunder ball, and Pick 5 formulas gives you a guarantee that you will get multiple wins of some kind when you get the drawn numbers in none consecutive order in 12 numbers.
You must win because the systems collect the drawn numbers from the numbers that you choose and then puts them together.
If you purchase this systems you get my formula X, X= any number plus a set of numbers ready to play. Formula X allows you to choose any 12 numbers from 1 to 49 numbers and gives you a guarantee you will have multiple win starting with just 3 none consecutive drawn numbers.

This formula uses any 8 numbers and will guarantee you multiple wins of all the numbers if you find the 6 numbers when the numbers are drawn.
Order#P112 ~Power ball, Megaball & Lottery 6/49.
Use my 8 number formula for 6/49 Lottery, just like the famous 8 from 10 on the foot ball pools that has won millions
Multiple win's are guaranteed starting with just 3 numbers or more. With 4 drawn numbers you are guaranteed multiple wins of 4 numbers and multiple wins of 3 numbers. With 5 drawn numbers you are guaranteed multiple wins of 5 numbers, and multiple wins of 4 and 3 numbers.

This system is a full cover system so every drawn number wins you more money.
You are guaranteed 6 drawn numbers out of any 8 numbers you choose if you find them, plus multiple wins of all the lower numbers 5, 4 & 3 numbers.
For more info. my Email address is Or Skype eric.myers47
Phone +44 1905 354820
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